BetaSpike is a unique ingredient supported by both published, peer-reviewed and clinical studies to demonstrate its adaptogenic performance.

  • Balanced Immune Response 

The most unique ability of BetaSpike is to help balance an immune response, a process called biological response modification (BRM).  BRM is critical to the overall health of your immune system.  It is important to understand that the immune system can either down-regulate or up-regulate depending on different types of physical and environmental factors.  

A common misconception is the immune system always needs to be boosted, especially during circumstances of seasonal stresses when the immune response simply needs to down-regulate rather than to be boosted.  In fact, too much boosting could make the problem worse.  BetaSpike helps promote balancing of the immune system. This is critical in achieving a healthy outcome. 


Beta Glucan isolates are NOT all the same.

  •  BetaSpike is a Beta 1,3/1,6 D Glucan isolate extracted and purified with a patented process from medicinal mushrooms.  
  • Beta Glucan is a common name for many bioactive carbohydrates. Beta Glucans are found in nature in many different forms and isolates.  

There are Beta Glucans in oats, yeast, algae, mushrooms etc. Different types of Beta Glucans can give you a different outcome or no outcome at all.  

EXAMPLE: When you add sweetener to your coffee, how many types of sugar isolates are available for you to use and how do they differ in characteristics?  There is a big difference in how cane sugar and non-caloric sweetener metabolize, but they all fall into the category of a sugar.  Same is true for Beta Glucan isolates. 

It is important that it is extracted for potency, purified for desired structure, researched for efficacy, and tested correctly for quality assurance.  

  • BetaSpike is unrivaled in all aspects of standardized Beta Glucan 1,3/1,6 D Glucan supplement.  

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